Friday, June 6, 2008

Any suggestions for EMI?

My coach is on the planning committee for EMI and he is looking for feedback/suggestions. The committee will be meeting soon to begin planning for next year. I know we filled out feedback forms, but if there is anything we have thought of in the meantime here is a way to let the planning team know. We can use the blog to do a communal kind of thing - maybe a bit of brainstorming on things we might want, topics to cover or ways to do things. Or if you like, you can send me your feedback via email.

I'm going to pass along the suggestion that they offer some alternative to going to a show in the city. Any ideas for what we might do instead?



Emrys said...

I could do games again--this time with no processing (just for the fun of it!); there are other theatre games I found but didn't use this year. Folks seemed to like the play time, and it's fun for me to lead those kinds of things.

Nancy said...

Thanks. I'll be sure to pass this along.