Monday, May 12, 2008


One of the things we talked about wanting to do was schedule a day in October for us to meet again and have a play-date/check in/something. I have agreed to coordinate the date.

However, I came home to a matriarch admitted to Hospice Care and have been consumed by that, the details of having been gone and getting ready to leave again, another person who had a heart attack etc etc. SO...

Pick a date or dates in October that might be good for you to run away for a day and hang out with friends and colleagues in a central location yet to be decided. Put it in the comments below. I'll check in in a few days (or maybe when I get back from the festival of homiletics) and see who has not responded and send out e-mails with the same request.

I am now going to take a nap.

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Nancy said...

We had some conversation about location and it looks like my neck of the woods is the likely spot to gather. I'm happy to host if we can pick a date. I'll send out an email with a few possibilities and see what response we get.