Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yet another prayer request

Prayers for Jim Poinsett and his wife Robin.

Our ep sent the following out to the presbytery today as a preface to her weekly prayer requests. Thought we'd want to know and support Jim and Robin in whatever ways we can.

"This morning, Jim Poinsett (Associate Pastor, Mt. Kisco), shared the sad news that his wife, Robin Theurkauf, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer (the most recent prognosis is very hopeful after difficult but effective treatment). In his sermon, Jim proclaimed the wonderful Road to Emmaus story and then connected it with his own story - walking toward the unknown of cancer with fear and doubt and confusion. But he also talked about how he met the Risen Christ this week - through the ministries of strangers - who opened his eyes to the graceful possibilities of the Gospel.Last December Jim went on the presbytery Pastor's Trip to Nicaragua. There he met two pastors he did not know - Bill Weisenbach (Katonah) and Paul Lent (Freedom Plains). Since that trip, Jim has been meeting in a small pastor's group with Bill, Paul, and Ken Mast (Mahopac). This last Wednesday - before the more hopeful prognosis had been given - Jim met for prayer and conversation with these strangers-now-friends, and shared his sadness and terror about Robin's illness. Both Paul and Bill immediately told stories about parishioners in their congregations who had also suffered from esophageal cancer, but who have been cured with successful treatment.The next day one of those parishioners - a complete stranger - called Jim and Robin, told them what to expect in the weeks and months ahead, and gave them great hope. Eyes and hearts were opened - by the grace and wisdom of strangers - and Jim and Robin recognized Life before them."

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Magdalene6127 said...

Thanks for posting this Nancy. Jim and Robin are in my prayers.


Pat Raube