Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Fun with the Tuesday 2

Ok, so I am going to post the Tuesday 2 - -we all can write for the blog! Lat week we talked about fun and games. Here is what I thought of for this week. Play along in the comments.

It's Pentecost - -the Church's Birthday! I'm stealing Nancy's idea for a children's sermon with cupcakes, and this has me wondering about birthday traditions.

1) What was your favorite birthday tradition as a child or as an adult?

2) How will your congregation celebrate Pentecost? Any traditions that you think should or should not be happening?

Have Fun!



KnittinPreacher said...

If I posted the questions I should probably answer them too, huh?

1) We have a tradition at my Mom's house of balloons on the back of your chair the night you celebrate your birthday. if it is your birthday, you also get to pick the meal. When I was in college and seminary, my birthday usually fell during spring break or reading week. I would go home about 4 times and celebrate so many times with different groups we had to make a rule --only 1 birthday dinner with balloons and presents. My dinner of choice: grilled chicken, pasta with mom's homemade pesto, grilled asparagus, good wine, and angel food cake with strawberries.

2) We don't really have traditions around this day. Confirmation is next week, so we will have red and tons of candles (I love candles in worship). The kids sang happy birthday last year and so we will do that again.

Magdalene6127 said...

Thanks for posting this, knittinpreacher! Here are my answers:

1. My parents joked while I was growing up that my birthday was like a Polish wedding (my dad is Polish), in that it goes on and on for days. Lots of little celebrations here and there. This year I noticed that still held true. (My birthday is also at reading week/ spring break time). My celebrations began the day after my birthday and concluded (in part due to EMI and the healing retreat) just last weekend, about three weeks later!

Favorite birthday dinner: chicken Veronique (there are grapes involved), curried rice (with apples and raisins), ASPARAGUS!, and chardonnay. And cake, of course. Almost any flavor will do. There is no bad cake!

2. The church I consider my "home" church has a tradition of about a hundred red balloons on Pentecost, tied to the ends of pews, as well as asking the congregation to wear red. We also have a photo of the congregation (fairly informal) taken that day. This year, as in many other years, there will be confirmation... my daughter Joan is one of the confirmands.

Thanks Jules!


schmidtly said...

1) We got to pick our birthday meals, too. I almost always picked a chicken casserole my mom makes--chicken, broccoli, creamy curry sauce, crunchy bread crumbs on top. mmmmm.

I usually asked for red velvet cake--I never got tired seeing how enough red food coloring could turn cocoa (which looked so black!) red. And cream cheese icing is the bomb.

2) This church doesn't have any pentecost rituals, that they've been able to think of. I'm hoping that in the next two years we can start a ritual of having communion on pentecost. And of course, lots of red.